Our Services


of custom products
based on PP, PE and
TPE/TPO for rotational moulding

Our Services


of prime quality and
standard materials for
injection moulding and
extrusion process

HD Kunststoffe - News for your business

AMI Masterbatch Conference

Berlin, 24.-26.06.2014

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Association of Rotational Moulding (Central Europe) e.V.

Kassel, 16.05.2014

Talk by Mr. Heinrich Derenowski, Managing Director HD Kunststoffe & Kunststofferzeugnisse GmbH

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Rotopol Spring Meeting 2014

Mierzęcin Palace, Poland, 10.-11.04.2014

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BPF British Plastics Federation

Worcester, 08.04.2014

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Polypropylene and polyethylene micro pellets equiped with low-halogene flame protection 

HD Kunststoffe is manufacturing PP and PE materials that exceed european fire safety standards.

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New seurface qualities

Modern additives allow the manufacturing of products with mettalized surface effects.

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K-Fair Düsseldorf


POLYPROPYLENE Opening new possibilities in Rotational Moulding

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