Our Services


of custom products
based on PP, PE and
TPE/TPO for rotational moulding

Our Services


of prime quality and
standard materials for
injection moulding and
extrusion process

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About us

Our company was founded in 2006 in Burscheid, Germany and has been acquired by the GRAFE Advanced Polymers GmbH in 2015.

Since April 2012 the administration is located at our new production plant in Remscheid. Today we can deliver our micro-granular compound for applications such as rotational molding at a production capacity of about 5.000 tons per year.

We are able to deliver our materials just-in-time due to our close partnership with our customers and suppliers. Furthermore we own special storage facilities and optimized logistics.

Longtime relations with our suppliers add to the service oriented profile of our company.

We are well known for our ability to match special customer requirements with tailor made compounds.

All our products for rotational molding are consolidated under our brand HD eco-tech® . This includes polypropylene PP as well as polyethylene PP.

We are able to deliver standard materials as well as specialized compounds that are developed on a project bases to fit our customer’s needs.

Our materials will be individually labeled and can be shipped from our production plant as:

  • Bags (up to 25kg)
  • Big Bags
  • Octabins
  • Silo trucks