Our Services


of custom products
based on PP, PE and
TPE/TPO for rotational moulding

Our Services


of prime quality and
standard materials for
injection moulding and
extrusion process

HD Kunststoffe: Custom solutions for your business

The rotational molding industry today offers versatile opportunities for creating many different types of products molded from plastics. Some of the typical branches are medical products, consumer products, equipment for farming and gardening as well as components for high-tech industries such as automotive, transportation and aircraft industry. Furthermore toys, boats and equipment for sport and recreation, sports equipment, furniture and products for storage and transportation can be realized.

High quality products can be manufactured today due to the recent development in machine building, mold making supported by using high quality process-matching compounds.  These factors enable manufactures to produce high quality products which offer a high complexity are can be delivered at very competitive prices. This progress is the foundation for reaching new market segments.

The manufacturers need to develop high-performance products for demanding markets inspired us to develop new PE and PP types as micro-granular compounds which are covered by our brand HD eco-tech®. These materials are primarily made for rotational molding although they are used in other production processes as well.

Our micro-granulated PP compound (pat. DE 10 2012 103 976 A1) offers a unique special-purpose foundation for your rotational molding applications. Our globally oriented customers are using this compound to efficiently manufacture modern multi-resistant (e.g. heat, lye, acid) products with unreached cost effectiveness. -> News

Success in the rotational molding industry is highly depending on the dynamic processes between the manufacturers an their suppliers. We are ready to tackle new challenges and to take your business a step further.